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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Emerging Companies | Bayh-Dole

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Technology transfer is important in the development of new technologies. BIO is working to preserve the Bayh-Dole Act to ensure an active dialogue among universities, industry and the federal government for the effective transfer of technology.

Bayh-Dole: Technology Transfer Symposium at the 2010 BIO International Convention
The Symposium explored the role of universities, biotechnology companies and technology transfer in the innovation economy and included an active debate on issues ranging from increasing the odds for a successful partnership and how to best ensure the effective transfer of technology.
Read the announcement

Bayh-Dole: Technology Transfer Survey Summary Conclusions
The purpose of this survey was to examine technology transfer and licensing practices by biotechnology companies and determine its importance to the industry.
Read the summary conclusions of the survey

Bayh-Dole: BIO Study on the Economic Impact of Licensed Commercialized Inventions Originating in University Research
The study provides first-of-its-kind data on the importance of university/industry research and development partnerships to the U.S. economy.
Read the study
Read the press release

Bayh-Dole: Access to Early Capital Paper
The paper highlights factors that contribute to enabling environments for promising technologies to gain access to early capital.
Read the paper

Bayh-Dole: BIO Comments to Office of Science and Technology Policy on Commercialization of University Research
The comments focus on: 1) whether Proof of Concept Centers (POCC) can be a means of stimulating the commercializing of early-stage technologies by bridging the "valley of death"; and 2) how to further enhance commercialization of university research.
Read the comments

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